Wednesday, October 4, 2017

1935 Auburn Speedster - Car Show video

Check out this video with the 1935 Auburn Speedster at the Children's Charity Car Show in Las Vegas Nevada. 
Lots of great cars at a great children's charity.

Big Red at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on September 30th 2017

I took Big Red to a car show for children's charities on
Saturday September 30th. 
Big Red won a 4' trophy, and a Victory Lap around the track. 
This photo was taken just before we arrived on the track.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Auburn, 2 Cords and a Duesenberg

Here's a photo that you do NOT see very often any more. 
a 1937 Cord, (gray car)  1935 Auburn (Big Red)
1931 L-29 Cord (in front) and a
1925 Model A Duesenberg (green car) 

1935 Auburn at Randy Ema Inc

Our 1935 Auburn was at Randy Ema Inc. shop for some general repairs before our road trip up and down the coast of California.  The black & burgundy car is a 1913 Chicago Electric, and it runs beautifully.

Big Red at Morrow Bay Golf Course

 On our trip to California, we drove Big Red to Morrow Bay,
and checked out the golfers.

When the desert is too hot, just load up your classic and head for the coast!

 In the month of June, it starts to get too hot to drive an open classic car here in Las Vegas. So we decided to load up Big Red and headed west, for the coast of California.
 We met with some friends of ours, with their ACD Cars,
at the Air Museum,
 Then we drove all over the coastal roads
 Drove into some fog
 Then drove up to the Hearst Castle, and enjoyed a tour. 

 Then back down the coast-line for some awesome ocean views with the car just before sunset

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club at Hoover Dam

This is my favorite photo from the Auburn Cord Duesenberg West Coast Meet 2015.
Here we are receiving the security escort
down to the bottom, to
"How cool is that??"